Tuesday, March 9, 2010

While the boys are away, the girls will play

Okay, so while the boys were away, the girls got to play. Friday night we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner (had 2 coupons only had to pay $3 for all three of us to eat), then we went to Berryliscious for yogurt :) Before we went to eat, we went to the park and I couldn't resist taking some adorable pictures of my girls....enjoy :)

This is their favorite ramp to ride down...today however, Keira got going a little too fast and I was too busy taking pictures...she bit it at the end, but no tears were shed, I think she kindof liked the speed.
love this picture!!!

Keira's "silly" face

Saturday morning we spent the morning eating pancakes and hanging out. We went outside and went to the park again this time Chloe rode her bike and she didn't want to come home, we rode in the parking lot for what seemed like forever. Then we came home and did the sidewalk chalk thing....some more cute pictures :)

Keira jumping and very cute too.
Here she is counting the number of jumps....
again...just so cute, wish I would have had a video recorder, she was just so stinkin cute :)
Chloe playing hopscotch

It was a bunch of fun hanging out with the girls....also very nice when Dad and Caleb came home too.

Camping with dad...

Caleb and Josh went on their first camping trip on Friday. They had a bunch of fun and were apparently too busy to take pictures.... :) I am so glad that they were able to go and spend some quality time together. Thanks in a large part to Jeremy and Cindy letting them borrow the tent and air mattress to help with the comfort factor.
Swinging and notice on the side where there is a walking stick. Caleb loves to get walking sticks when we go camping, so Josh bought him this stick either to have every time we go camping so they don't have to look for one, or to make him feel better because another boy broke the stick that they had found.

New patio set

We got a new patio set for Christmas from Josh's parents and today was the first day we were able to use it.

Enjoying mac and cheese along with fresh fruit and veggies....we love eating outside!

Many more great meals outdoors...can't wait!

Caleb's first field trip

I was fortunate enough to go with Caleb on his first field trip. We went on the bus - in the back, you know, the bumpiest seat....but we had a bunch of fun.
Here we are on the bus waiting to get going....
Here is Caleb with his field trip buddy Jacob...sweet boy, it was nice that there were so many parents going because we only had two kids to keep our eyes on...
They had this climbing thing that the kids were climbing and completely making me nervous, but I snapped a shot of Caleb before telling him to get down.
After the park and picnic lunch, we went to see Beauty and the Beast the musical...it was good, many differences between the movie and the play, but good nonetheless. This is Caleb's class minus Caleb, he didn't want to get anywhere near the actors....
Here are the boys in his class....from the top - Caleb, Jacob, Devin, Alex, Jaylen, Daniel, Camden, Ethan, CJ, and Joe
His class mates
Fun times!!!