Thursday, February 28, 2013

August 2012 - first day of school

Keira started pre-school this year and had to go a day before the other two...she was super nervous and she cried well, she cried for the first two months....
 Caleb and Chloe were thrilled that they had one more day off school
 Caleb's first day - teacher - Mrs. Call
 Before heading out....Caleb was not excited...he was really bummed that summer break was over.
 Chloe's teacher - Mrs. Boutilier
 Chloe's friend Anathyn is in her class .

August 2012 - cousins from Texas visit

Cousins from Texas came to visit and boy did we have fun!!!  We stayed super busy and I don't think the kids ever had a frown on their faces!
Garden of the Gods

We had stuff to pan for gold, so we headed up to the Monument Reservoir and tried our hand at panning for gold.  Besides getting super dirty, having a snack, playing in the water, we didn't find much real gold, a lot of fool's gold, but it was fun and that is what matters.

 we went to the North Pole one day....

 this was acutally the first day they got here, we met them at red rock open space. 

August 2012 - Michigan

Ok - here goes, my attempt to catch up.  Read them if you want, but I am hoping to get all the way through to the end of February.  Here is our trip to Michigan last summer.
Swimming and having dinner in the pool room
Celebrating Great Grandpa and mom's birthday

hanging out on the farm

 We love going to Michigan during homecoming week, the parade there is fun and there is a fun carnival for the kids too.  The best part is hanging out with cousins and grandparents.

 Visiting Great Grandpa

 picking blueberries...oh sooo yummy

 picnic at the park

It's always so much fun to go to Michigan especially in the summer when we can be outside, pick berries, and hang out with family.