Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keira's birthday party

We celebrated Keira's birthday a few weeks late so Grandpa and Grandma McGregor could be there to help celebrates. Here she is all ready for the celebration. The crown didn't stay on long as it blocked her from playing with her hair....her favorite thing to do.Here we are with our baby girl , as you can see, the hand is in the hair both playing with it and getting icing in it......
Oh, that icing was really in her hair....I ended up having to pretty much soak her hair and comb it out....not a pretty sight. She did enjoy her cake though.
Here she is during present opening time, she wasn't too interested in opening the presents, all the kids were going in and out the back door and her favorite place to be is outdoors, so she was trying desperately to get outside. Notice her beautiful hair, the icing ended up being more of a gel.....once I combed it out.... She loved her party and the balloons and of course having friends a family there. She told me that she hoped everyone comes back next year....we will see...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bluebonnet Pictures

Okay, so I decided that THIS year we would finally get bluebonnet pictures. Well, it was a cold windy day, so it didn't get started off very well. Walking out to the patch, Caleb was cold and I was thinking "this is probable a bad idea" Well, the pictures turned out alright and the kids were real troupers. Hopefully next time, the weather will be better :)

Love this picture, Caleb was so sweet with Keira, a rare moment as he doesn't really interact with her very much.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Baby Girl is ONE!!!

My baby girl is one today!!! I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. She has been such an amazing addition to our family. She has developed a sweet personality. She loves her mom and grandma. I remember when Chloe was little she preferred grandpa and dad, goes to show how different each child is. Caleb and Chloe are pretty fond of her as well. Chloe is such a helper and Caleb does what he can. Here are some random pictures I took today to commemorate my last (hopeful) child turning 1. Thanks Aunt Jenny for the shirt :)

Keira loves to be outside. Anytime she is fussy, a trip outside generally works. She is eating all big people foods now and loves pizza, most casseroles, cereal, any fruit, corn, peas, and most anything I put in front of her. It is crazy to think that one year ago, I was sitting in the hospital waiting for the arrival of Keira. Can you tell I am a little sad that my baby is getting big? She is beautiful in so many ways, I love her dearly. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Coloring Eggs

We did our annual coloring of eggs on Tuesday. Every year I decide that our eggs are going to be BEAUTIFUL, and every year I am disappointed. This year it was completely my fault...I didn't add the vinegar to the water and we just sat there wondering why the eggs weren not as vibrant as we were expecting them to be. All in all the kids had no idea that I did it wrong and were thrilled to be participating - that is the main goal right???? We did have fun and the results were pretty good.Here they are showing off their handiwork. The kit came with eye and mouth stickers so they added those for extra beauty.....
Now I am sure you are wondering what Keira was doing during all the fun.....she was having fun of her own.....she thought it was quite funny to put both fingers up her nose, funny that she used the same ones that go in her times

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Annual Sunday School Easter Egg Hunt...

Each kid gets 12 eggs, Caleb is counting his

Chloe is hoping no one figures out she has more than 12....

Keira enjoys the fruit of their labor....well, the empty egg anyway...

Wooden Park Fun

One of our favorite parks is the wooden park in Frisco. Of course, going there generally means meeting up with cousins Victoria and Isabella and that is always a great bonus. We like to meet and have either a picnic lunch or dinner and play play play. The kids love going here.
Chloe and Bella loved the sand.....
Keira got some much needed daddy time and got to swing another thing she LOVES to do.
This swing is always a favorite, especially when Uncle Jeremy swings you in circles....amazingly enough, no one got sick.
I just thought this was a cute picture....not at the wooden park, but I thought you needed to see a pciture of my dear little girl who is going to be one in a couple of days!!!

Indoor fun in March

Here we have two of Chloe's favorite things - coloring and her sister - Chloe loves to color and will sit down and color for as long as she can. Here she is showing Keira how to color (Keira has never colored before).......Keira takes a turn....hey she is pretty good at this.....
Hmmm.....I wonder what this will taste like......
But mom, I put EVERYTHING in my mouth....why can't I put this crayon in????? It is hard to say no to this face, wouldn't you agree?Caleb and his dad are always trying new things when they get bored in the house. Caleb is a bit nervous, but he is happy to show off his muscles....

Mowin Mania

I've always loved the smell of fresh cut grass. The weather here has been extremely unpredictable. It is amazing how it goes from being 80 one day to 60 and windy the next. Here we are on an 80 degree day and Chloe has decided to fix the lawn mower and mow the yard. I had to take a picture because of how unbelievably cute she is. Love the head band.
Making sure everything is working right...Here goes, she is going in a straight line, she is going to be really good at this in a couple of years!!