Friday, October 14, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma's visit

I haven't posted pictures of Chloe doing gymnastics since she first started, so I thought it would be nice to post some pictures. Grandpa and Grandma Lunn were here to see her do her gymnastics and so I took my camera. She is doing this class for the next couple of weeks, then she will be moving to the advanced/competitive class. That makes me a little nervous, but I am super excited if she loves it that she will do great and most importantly have a good time!

I apologize for the view, but that was all I could get, she does a great bridge, so I had to take a picture :)

She really does love it now, hopefully that love will continue :)
Keira showed off her new outfit that Grandma and Grandpa bought her...loves the clothes that twirl - never thought my girls would be so girly, but alass they are!

The kids were so happy to see their grandparents!

Climbing Mt. Herman

So a few months ago, we attempted to hike up the mountain in our backyard...we didn't make it, but we all promised that one day we would. Well, Caleb and Josh fulfilled that promise. They hiked up to the top of the mountain and were very proud to have accomplished it (before the girls especially)

Arriving at the flag on top!!

Snow Day in October

So we woke up last Saturday to a LOVELY blanket of snow covering the ground. We probably got 6 inches. So, being from Texas, we were super excited, got our snow gear on and went to play outside. Keira must not of had enough breakfast, so she pretty much ate snow the whole time she was outside.

We went to the park to try and sled...we didn't have much luck at first, but we did eventually figure it out. Apparently neither one of us are expert sledders and have no clue how to get it right...but I think we will blame it on the snow???how does that sound? We had a blast playing and we only need to buy gloves for one kid (already done). Not bad for our rookie winter here..

I'm sure there will be plenty more snow pictures in the coming months.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun with Friends

Our dear friends, Eric, Emily, Mason and Madi came to visit us the last weekend in September. They are getting ready to depart for Africa in February and are starting to make their rounds of saying goodbye. We were lucky enough to spend a nice long weekend with them. Here are the kids minus Austin, at Garden of the Gods
After the soccer game on Saturday, we went to Cripple Creek to see the changing leaves on the Aspen trees. We took a train and got to see a lot of yellow leaves. By no means am I making light of the Colorado fall colors, but they really have nothing compared to Michigan's amazing red, orange, and yellow leaves. This beauty is completely different and completely amazing in it's own right. I put the pictures on here backwards, sorry. This is one of the many deserted buildings we saw on our train ride. I thought it would make a great picture. The ride was full of history of Cripple Creek an old mining town that made millions of dollars in gold back in the day. We saw mine after mine along the train trail and got to learn how much each mine made in its prime. It was very interesting and the kids liked riding the train.
Some of the beautiful scenery.

This was before the train ride.... Caleb wasn't feeling well after the curvy ascent...but he was a trooper
on the train waiting to go...
the group....
It was so much fun catching up with our friends, we will be praying for you guys, we love you and are super proud of the sacrifice you are making for the Lord!

I'm a Dirty Girl

Somehow, I got talked into running a 5k where you overcome obstacles - some hard, some not so hard. I did it with about 15 other girls from the church and we had a really great time. Here we are pre-race - or pre-mud....
This is the last large obstacle - the only place where they could take pictures because the course was closed to spectators....this was near the end so spectators could watch from here...This was probably the hardest obstacle...the rest were muddy, but not to hard.
the whole front of me is dirty because we slid on our bellies down a muddy hill...not the smartest move, but it was fun. Besides, once you are muddy, why not get all muddy, right?

Here is the group...
Sarah did not get muddy enough...
It was fun and we will probably do it again next year, wanna join us?

Playing at the park

We went to the park - you know the one right down the street from our house, since our neighbor friends came with us, I thought I would bring my camera and take some pictures...This is Abby, she is in Kindergarten and she and the girls get along quite well.
This is Austin, he is in 1st grade and he and Caleb ride scooters and play video games together. The neighbor kids are super sweet and I am so glad we have great neighbors, even if it is just for a year.
Just a couple of cute pictures...

Love our park!