Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well, Colorado Halloween is a bit cooler than Texas, but we weathered the weather. From what I understand, it generally snows on halloween, and so this year it was great because the weather was absolutely beautiful at least until the sun went down....

Clearly we have Cinderella, Snow White, and the Gingerbread Man...
Chloe and her good friend Halee
Caleb and his good friend Drew
My two princesses
Checking out the loot
All tuckered out....

Halloween Parties at school

So, I admit, I pile things on myself thinking I am super woman and then get all stressed out and worry, but it almost always falls into place no matter what I do or don't do....definitely not super woman. This year having two kids in school has been very different. I am trying super hard to try and keep everything separate, but starting at the beginning of the year, I had stuff all mixed up, paperwork went to the wrong teacher and that was just the beginning. Well, I am happy to say, I have found a system, so we are doing alright now. I am not officially the room mom for either class, but I am helping in each. Luckily the parties were at two different times, so I got to go to both parties and take some pictures :)
Keira tagged along too
craft time
So, here was the schedule....Drop Chloe off at 12:45, go to Caleb's classroom and help with the pumpkin project, Chloe's party from 1:15-2:15, set up for Caleb's party at 2:50-3:45, head out to the farm to set up for the trunk or treat party that I helped organize...(more from that in the next post)

Caleb's class did a pumpkin activity where they weighed the pumpkin, checked to see if it floated, made some estimations and checked their guesses. They did have to dig out the seeds and Miss Beltz had plastic gloves for Caleb (she's the best), so he did the activity with out too much complaining...

weighing his pumkin
After Chloe's party, I went back for Caleb's party. Here he is with some of his friends...
He found Luigi and thought that was soo cool
Having a snack
next up, halloween night....

Carving Pumpkins

Well, we waited till the last minute, but we did it, we carved pumpkins. I honestly can't remember doing this as a kid, but we had fun and I can say that I am glad we only do it once a year.....what a slimy mess!!!
The girls didn't seem to mind

Caleb had a plastic bag on his hand and still hated it...this was simply for a picture, I think he may have pulled out 3 seeds and then he was done.
Josh and Chloe designed their own
I tried carmelizing the seeds this year and they were pretty good, better than just baking them like we have in previous years.
The finished product...Josh and Chloe's is on the left and mine is on the right.
our attempt at a family picture....not a great angle, but it was a great night.

Farm field trip

So, I got to go with Chloe on her field trip to the farm. We had a great time. Yasmine and Sean were our buddies and they hung out with us all day.
The farm had a hay slide that the kids thought was pretty cool
What farm doesn't have a token camel?
or a GIANT pig...wish I would have had my camera out when he got up and walked away....he was huge!

a jump thing....huge long and loads of fun!
a train ride
a tunnel swing....
a duck race
and a pumpkin to take home...
dad, why didn't we have all this at our farm????

It was a great day with my sweet Chloe.

Pumpkin Patch

Well, we had a hard time finding a good pumpkin patch to go to this year. Back in Texas we had one that we loved, so we had high hopes of a great one here. Well, we found one and it was pretty cool. A bit farther than we would have liked (1 1/2 hours), but the drive was worth it AND we got to meet up with my Uncle Terry and Aunt Linda which made the drive even more worth it.
The kids got to go on this slide....

and loved it
made friends with a scarecrow
tried to solve the mystery in the corn maze (huge corn maze, we didn't even touch the beginning)...
went on a hayride, then picked a pumpkin to take home...

Caleb and Uncle Terry had a hay fight on the hayride and Caleb was proud that he had hay on his shirt for the picture (almost like he had won or something)
We had a great time and hope to meet up again next year....

Garden of the gods

Who can question beauty here in Colorado? I have yet to grow tired of the beautiful scenery that we get to see each day we live here. This is the Garden of the Gods. We wanted to take Josh's parents to see the amazing rock formations. Someday WHEN you come to visit, we will take you there too.
At the front of the trail
The kissing camels
now just some random shots of the kids...can't resist sharing what I think are cute pictures of my kids....
LOVE this one, I think it will end up on my wall

Grandpa makes this picture super funny

She could be a model!!
always fun to be had in Colorado!