Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Bella!

Bella celebrated her 4th birthday today. We had so much fun celebrating with her. Isn't she adorable?
Big sister Victoria
Cousin Chloe
Keira.. one of her best pictures I think...

Playing the skittle game....
musical colors....
We also made bracelets, colored rainbows, had pizza, yummy snacks, and wacked on a pinata. Amazing party......with amazing people.


Robbers Cave Camping Trip

Our 4th annual camping trip was a blast. We try to leave early to get there before everyone else because we like to do a little exploring together as a family. So we headed up to the lodge lookout area for some pictures.

After that, we went down this trail that we always go down and while we were exploring, we found a real trail that we decided to check out. I thought this was a great shot of Caleb, but it is blurry, I took a bunch and they were all blurry....arrgghhh - I have a hard time getting a good picture of him...
Now Chloe, on the other hand, is pretty easy and willing to get a picture of.

The trail we found was marked by red paint on trees. The kids had fun finding the trees and following the trail. After awhile of being on the trail amidst the humidity and bugs, the kids started to complain and we needed to get out, however, we weren't sure how much farther we had to go. Thankfully, the welcome center wasn't too far away and we walked the road back to the cabin.
We had campfires both nights.

Of all the things you can do in the great outdoors, my boys did this.....go figure.

On Saturday, we went hiking at Robber's Cave. It was a pretty easy hike, although really rough on my heel issue, but I managed to make it through (much ice happened later in the day) and the kids made it through without getting hurt....

Chloe and Austin had so much fun together, they spent most of the weekend together. So glad to have great friends with us.
Here are all the kids that came along with some parents....

future model...she has the pose down anyway.
Caleb and Daniel also had a blast together. They hung out most of the weekend as well.
Hanging by the skin of her teeth.....
Do I see fear in those eyes????
Family photo at the top
Caleb and Josh had fun climbing the harder rocks and seeing how high they could get..
Snack at the bottom
Here is the whole group that went.
After lunch on Saturday, we went to the lake and park, had snow cones, played on the tire swing, played putt putt and enjoyed our friends and the weather.

An amazing weekend once again. I am sad because I don't know if we will get to go again because if our move option pans out we won't be here next year. Maybe we can make a trip to Oklahoma each year to catch up with friends.

Alpha Wolf

You had to know it was son was Alpha Wolf this week. Okay, so it was a couple weeks ago, but anyway....His teacher sent me an email telling me what a joy Caleb is in class and how great a job we are doing with him. I love to hear that especially on those days when we don't get along so well, I begin to wonder if we are doing right by him. Anyway, Caleb has had a great start to his school year and loves his class. He also started Awana at church and he loves that too, he is memorizing scripture (my favorite part) and making new friends. This week we are working on the 23rd Psalm, which I have had memorized since I was a little girl, so that makes me excited to work on it with him. One of those that never gets old hearing...."The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want....." LOVE IT and I love my boy and am so proud of him.