Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chloe's first Soccer game

Chloe's first soccer game with snow on Pike's Peak....check it out!

So, we signed Chloe up for soccer and put her on a team with Halie which meant all her teammates are a year older than her...I have to admit I was pretty nervous going into the first game because Chloe is fairly shy and I was afraid she would go out on the field and not do anything. Well, as she always does, my amazing daughter surprised me and did amazing. She hung with the girls and although they lost, they had fun and they played well. This is the first time the girls have played together and the other team has been together since they were 4, as are many of the teams that we will be playing against, so this might be a rough season, but a learning one - hopefully....
Here she is warming up...
She played striker, so she ran up and down the field (which was way bigger than we thought it would be...)
Getting in on the action
Following through
OOps, a sweet spectator slipped into the shot....

Halie played goalie most of the game, but she did get in on the action too...she did great as well
Chloe did amazing for her first ever soccer game with girls a year older than her. She is my child and an athlete after my own heart, so I know she will get better and always do her best. So proud of her!!!

Camping in the backyard and baseball....

So, we decided that it would be fun to camp out in the backyard over Labor Day weekend. It was a good idea, until the dark clouds came over the mountains....we pulled the tent up onto the beautifully covered porch, and slept inside....deciding to wait until the next night to sleep in the tent.
Just a few fun pictures of the night...

The next day, it was chilly, but we made it an outside afternoon/evening, we played baseball and rolled around in our VERY soft grass. It was so much fun just playing and enjoying the kids.

We did sleep in the tent, on the porch, with two air mattresses and lots of blankets...a cold, LOUD (the train in our backyard) night that I don't anticipate ever doing again.....unless I have earplugs. It was fun to cuddle with the kids and keep each other warm though.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Lens....finally

So, I got a new lens for my camera since my old one was broken. I bought a bigger lens which means that I have to be farther away when I take is a trip we took to the park...just playing with the new lens....enjoy!