Monday, May 25, 2009

Chloe is Three Today!

Well, it is official....Chloe is now a "big girl". Today is her birthday. We are having her party on Saturday, but we wanted this day to be special for her too. When she woke up, we gave her her present from Grandpa and Grandma McGregor and us. She has seen this several times in Target and every time she wants to stay there and play with it. So, I couldn't refuse. She spent the majority of the morning playing with it. We then went to a friend's neighborhood pool and swam and had a picnic. Grandpa and Grandma Lunn came by and picked Caleb and Chloe up to take Chloe shopping for her birthday. She came home with a sick baby. She (the baby) sneezes and needs came with a whole dr. kit so that Chloe can take care of her. It is very cute and Chloe is thrilled with it.
Here she is first thing this morning....don't mind the bed head....
She immediately started playing with her new toy...see the baby in the "highchair"? the sink has a pull out shower type thing that is pretty cool as well. Then baby can go to bed in her bed. Underneath the sink and bed is a cupboard that she can store her stuff in and a dowel that she can hang baby clothes on. It is a pretty neat toy. I think I will be playing with it some too.
We went to Grandma Lunn's house for dinner (waffles and eggs - birthday girl's choice) and had a bath. She is pretty darn cute isn't she?
Chloe loves her Grandpa.

So, every year, I tell my kids the things I love about them. This year, I got to tell Chloe 3 things I love about her - it was hard to pick only 3. Here they are - in no particular order:

1. I love her sweet smile and how she loves to laugh

2. I love how thoughtful she is and how she is so willing to help sometimes without even being asked.

3. I love how much she cares about her brother and sister. She would do ANYTHING for them.

I feel quite blessed to have Chloe as my daughter. I am not sure what I would do without her. I remember when I found out she was a girl, I cried because I wanted a boy. How silly of me!! She brings me so much joy and happiness, I can't imagine having anything but her. She fills my heart with so much love. I love you Chloe - Happy Birthday!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What is a 1/2 inch????

Okay, so what is a 1/2 inch? Well, according to most, it is a simple measurement, right? Well, Josh found out that 1/2 inch is much shorter than he had intended it to be....see, he wants to have really short hair in the summer, so he decided to take matters in his own hands. Last night, he came to the decision that he was going to trim his hair. Apparently it didn't matter that he didn't have the right size trimmers, he thought it would be fine and a 1/2 inch isn't that short....well, the picture really doesn't do it justice except to show off his receding hair line. It is very short and in Chloe's words, "It's soft, daddy". So, Mom Lunn, sorry, I had nothing to do with this, I warned him. Apparently we need to learn what a 1/2 inch is. OR, I need to have a longer "honey do" list.... In all actuality, it doesn't look horrible, actually I kindof like it (seriously). His hair does grow pretty fast, so it won't be this way for too long.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day at Dave and Denise's House

Every year we have a Memorial Day get together at Dave and Denise's house. This year was no exception. We went there today and had SOOOO much fun. The kids didn't want to leave. I think Caleb would live in the pool if we would let him. He swam for a good 2 hours. He is getting pretty good at swimming too. He had no fear today. Chloe enjoyed her life vest and Keira's boat. Grandma got in and played with the kids and she even got her hair wet....what a great Grandma. We had lunch and enjoyed spending time with the family.
Tanner and Caleb had so much fun playing together. Tanner was such a great friend to Caleb today. They played so well together and really enjoyed each other. I think Caleb learned how to swim a lot better today because of Tanner. Thanks Tanner!
Josh got in and played with Caleb for a little bit. The water was so refreshing. Keira cried when I first put her in the boat, but she quickly figured out that it was very relaxing and she laid back and almost fell asleep. She had a lot of fun too.
Caleb and Tanner really enjoyed the slide. Caleb went down on his bottom and belly. He also started diving down to pick stuff off the bottom of the pool, that is a big thing for him to do, I was quite impressed when he would come back up with something.

Yes, I got in the water too. I actually got a little sunburnt....oops.

After swimming, we had a snack, then lunch, Caleb ate a bunch, he really played hard in the pool, so he was extra hungry.... do you work this thing????? just kidding, they did great, the burgers and hot dogs were awesome!
We wisened up this year and had the kids eat outside, much easier to clean up... I am sure the squirrels will thank us for it.....
Okay, so I didn't do a great job of getting pictures of the adults....I get carried away taking pictures of the kids, so I am sorry that I didn't do better about getting the adults in the pictures....I will do better next time!

We had so much fun, thank you Dave and Denise for inviting us. We love coming to your house, we always have such a great time. You guys are awesome hosts, you think of everything we could ever need. Happy Memorial Day!!!

Having fun with the cousins.

Okay, so Cindy and I decided that we were going to spend Tuesdays this summer together, taking turns going to each other's house. This past Tuesday we went to their house and the kids had so much fun. I brought the slip n slide and we got the backyard quite wet. So, with the pictures I took, I decided to come up with a story of how they all got goes.....

"Come on Keira, it is lots of fun to play in the mud, your mom won't care if you get your clothes all muddy....." Note: Jeremy's kids can be pretty convincing......they are after all, Jeremy's kids and they are pretty darn cute too.
Bella, quite sure she will love it heads directly over to the mud Keira inches slowly towards it....."where is she looking? Maybe just a dip in the mud puddle won't be too bad....."
"Hi mom, I got a little wet....are you mad? oh, silly me, how can you be mad at this face????"

Well, in the end, Bella and Victoria enjoyed the mud puddle....(my kids did too, I just liked the twist on this story better:)

"Ewww....I am not getting near the mud, I will get my precious new bathing suit dirty...." she did like her new suit, isn't it cute? All in all, she wasn't a fan of the water at all, so she really didn't want to get in the mud puddle or play on the slip-n-slide.
"I think I will just stay back here, otherwise, Victoria's sweet face might convince me to get in the mud puddle"......

Thanks Cindy for a great playdate, see you next time!!!!

Happy Birthday Victoria

Today was my niece's 4th birthday....happy birthday Victoria. We had so much fun getting dressed up and really enjoyed your princess and superheroes party. We love you.

Caleb's Spring Program

Caleb had his Spring Program on Wednesday the 13th. He and his classmates showed all the parents what they had learned that year in movement (aka PE). He was pretty excited to show Josh and I all the cool things they had done. He learned how to hop on one foot, gallop, and he is getting pretty good at skipping which I think is hard to do...
They learned about their bones and muscles and had some really cute songs to go along with them (you put your skull in, you put your skull out, you put your skull in and you shake it all about, you do the bone jiggle and you turn your self about, that's what it's all about..get the idea?)The best part was when they tried to say filangies (which I doubt I spelled right), gluteus maximus, and minumus.....but they learned and Caleb has a great memory, so I am sure it will stick with him for a long time.
Here he is with his class...hopefully I don't have to point him out to you.
They went to stations and showed the hand-eye coordination skills that they learned and the eye-foot coordination skills. After they were done, we were able to go play with them and Caleb really liked that. Here he is showing off his favorite part of the show was when Caleb yelled in the middle of the show "MOM.....I love you!!!" awwww, how sweet. When the kids were singing their songs, Caleb was one of the only ones singing loud, so you could really hear him...look out American Idol....

Trampoline fun

As always, we have a ton of fun on our trampoline. Here is Chloe and Josh playing duck duck gets hard when Keira is on the trampoline too. Caleb and Chloe play so well on it, they have so much fun. I am sure you will see many more trampoline pictures this summer....
Caleb is getting pretty good at his jumps...he can do a flip now and it is pretty cool.

Keira is just now getting to where she really likes being on the trampoline. She really only likes it when someone is jumping, she likes to be bounced. We have a lot of fun times on the trampoline, in the afternoon, the neighbor's tree provides shade for us, so we can play and not be worried about sunburn. Thanks friendly neighbors!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grandpa Lunn's Birthday

HMMMMM......I wonder where my kids get their sweet tooth???? Just kidding, I am just as bad as Grandma......truth be told, Grandma was trying to keep her finger off her clothes so she wouldn't stain them, but I had to give her a hard time, right???
We celebrated Grandpa Lunn's birthday on Mother's day well....because it was his birthday....we Lunn moms were happy to share our special day with him - specially since we got to have some cake too....

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to me!!! My kids were nice enough to take pictures with me on Mother's day.....

I am a very lucky mom. My kids are amazing and I am so thankful to God for giving them to me. Caleb is so imaginative and sweet. Chloe is so helpful and giving, and Keira is developing into a sweet loving girl. I can't imagine I was this good as a child to deserve such great kids...

The moment we have all been waiting for........

Well, here she is, standing all on her own.....and not too long after that.....
she took her first few steps.....okay, so admittedly these were not her official first steps...apparently she took her first steps in church.... and this is the closest I could get to her the fun begins...wobbly isn't even the right word to describe how she is pretty cute and she is pretty proud of herself.

Zoo fun

We went to the zoo with my parents also. We loved it so much that we got a season pass...can't wait to go again. By the way, there were animals there, I just decided you would rather see my animals than the zoo ones :)
Grandpa enjoyed the zoo
Caleb wouldn't take a nice picture here, but I think it is cute anyway...

Chloe only wanted to hold Grandpas hand, it was quite cute, and I think Grandpa LOVED it.
With the Texas grandkids....
After checking out the zoo, we went to the kids area (Caleb had been asking every 2 mintues, "can we go to the kids area yet?", so needless to say, he was very glad to get there) and had some lunch. We had packed a picnic and enjoyed the shade. Caleb looks pretty comfortable doesn't he?
The kids area is amazing, this is one of the main reasons we got a season pass, the kids love going here. There are lots of things to climb, a stream to play and splash in, a huge web to climb all over, and animals to see, feed, and pet.....what more could a kid ask for?

Keira checking out her surroundings....

Caleb was in heaven...he loved every minute of the kids area. He really enjoyed the stream, he got pretty wet....last time we were here, it was too cold to get wet, so he loved it.

Chloe wasn't far behind....she loved it too.

Park fun

We always take Grandpa and Grandma to the park when they come to visit. The kids love to got to the park by our house. I am sure that will change for Caleb b/c it is the park that he will be playing on at school. Caleb and his dad play tag and they have so much fun.
This time they played tag with the ball.....getting older and rougher....
Grandma took Keira for a ride down the slide....
Keira practices walking again...she is so close.
Chloe has been able to climb this wall for a few months now, but I have never taken her here she is at the top.