Sunday, May 23, 2010

Field trip

I got to go with Caleb and his class to the Museum of Science and Nature. We had a great time and though it was a long day, it was fun. Here are Jacob, Caleb and Ethan, our field trip buddies.
Running away from the bears....
Bee Mario...I mean Bee Caleb...


Victoria and Bella came over for a sleepover after Jeremy's birthday party (of which I have no pics....Happy Birthday Jer!). They kept me so busy, I only had time for one shot...not really, they were great, and I think everyone had a great time!

Princess Belle

Chloe was invited to a princess birthday party, and boy was she excited. Once the real princess arrived from Disney World, she was infatuated. Although she didn't participate in any thing (games, etc), she sat on my lap and was enthralled with Belle.
It wasn't until the end when Belle was giving each girl a makeover that Chloe decided she wanted to go get that done. She was very pleased to have some one on one time with Belle.
Chloe with Belle.

Caleb's finished room

We finally finished Caleb's room. For those of you who don't know Caleb, he LOVES Mario and that is putting it lightly....So, we did his room in Mario, I bought him some Mario stickers that are all over the room (a little obnoxious, but he loves it and that is all that matters, right?). We got his loft bed, mattress, dresser, and the dresser in the girls' room, along with another bottom bunk and matress all for $350 on Craig's List (love that website). I also bought him some Mario posters and Josh's mom and I bought the frames for the posters. He loves the lamp on top of his bed so he can read at night.

He also has an art wall which gets changed out a lot because he brings a lot home from school.
Here's hoping that we don't have to change it much for a few years!

Our babies are gone....

Birds that is....If you will remember my previous post about the bird's nest in our papa bear bush in the backyard, you will enjoy the ending of the story......Here is a picture of them just days after they were born. As cute as they are, I continue to be amazed at how loud they are....during their "growing up" period, we had our windows open almost every day, and they were constantly screeching for more food. No wonder they grew up so fast. Here they are thinking that mom is going to drop food into their mouth only to be disappointed by the click of a camera...I was really shocked at how wide they could get their mouthes open....crazy eh?
These guys were quite the entertainers for us for a few days anyway.
can you see the baby bird running away? Off they went to be seen no more. I know there are a lot of new baby birds in the yards around us because I can still hear that annoying screeching almost every time I go outside.
So, when you hear the annoying screeching outside, know that it is new life begging for food....and new birds to poop on our cars :)