Sunday, February 28, 2010

Say a little prayer for you.....

"Forever, and ever you stay in my heart and I will love you forever and ever" is with a sad and heavy heart that I write this blog this morning. Normally, I don't check my email before going to church, but today I am home once again with Caleb who has a sore throat yet again. So, I checked me email, and somehow knew that amidst all the junk mail there was something important...then I saw update on sweet Carson Richardson...I had a bad feeling as there had been very few updates in the past (they were in Guatemala seeking a new treatment for Carson's cancer) few days/weeks. I knew they were back in the states and that Carson wasn't doing very well. Last night, Carson went home to be with the Lord. His fight is over and he is at church this morning sitting right in front of his Savior...It is hard to type this because I feel SOOO bad for his parents and family as I am sure they are completely filled with sorrow. It is also so amazing to know that God brought them back to the states in enough time to be able to let a lot of the family come and say goodbye, especially Carson's brother. His timing is PERFECT and I am sure that is hard to believe in the midst of feeling the worst heart break a parent could ever imagine, but it is so true.

I also wanted to share with you how much this family has taught me. I have never personally met this family, but have followed their journey now for several years. Carson fought cancer for 4 years and through it all, remained a sweet kid, participating in sports, going to school, and doing what any normal 7 year old boy would do. His parents were so filled with faith and trust in God. I know that they truly had given Carson to God - entrusting his life in God's hand. It scares me to completely hand my children over to God and yet, I know I need to, because in the end, it isn't my choice whether they live or die. It is completely out of my hands, and yet, I cling to the hope that I am still in control of them. I can do everything to meet their needs, keep them safe, protect them from anything and everything I can, but yet, the control is not mine. I think of Abraham and how he WILLINGLY took Isaac to the altar to sacrifice his son - NO WAY could I do that. I think that my faith in God is so "good", but there are so many areas in my life that I am clinging to and don't want to turn over to HIM. I am sure there is a huge sense of freedom when we actually do that. We were born on this earth to love and serve God and by clinging to things that ultimately are not in our control is being selfish. When we realize that God is in control, we can feel the freedom to live a life that honors Him. I am so not there, but each and every day - especially now after seeing someone HAVE to let go and let God - I will be striving to pray over my kids - to pray for God's protection, health, and wisdom for Josh and I as we raise our kids to love and honor God in all they do. I think that this is a lifelong journey and sometimes, like in Carson's case, we have to let go before we are ready. I have seen this family in church several times, and they seem like such a strong and amazing family. I have no doubt that they will come through this stronger for it. I know that Kimberly and Ryan will be able to help others through such a horrible time in their life. I believe with all my heart that God only allows us to have things happen to us that He KNOWS we can handle. He knows how strong the Richardson family is and He knows the impact they will have on so many other families. They have had a huge impact on me for starters.

Dear Lord - cover the Richardsons in your love, surround them with the people in their life that they need right now. Thank you for Carson's life and the amazing boy he was, thank you that he was able to be here and bless so many people for 7 years. Thank you that his fight is over and that he is now with you and has no pain. I pray for Collin, his brother, that you will surround him with love and comfort as I know he was not only Carson's brother, but his best friend, so I know he is truly suffering. I pray for Josh and I as parents that we would commit our children to you and know that you are the Shephard and you will take care of your flock which includes the three children you have blessed us with. Help us to be good parents and to teach our children to love you and to trust you to protect them. Help us to show them your love in all that we do. I know that you love us and will always take care of us no matter what situation you bring us into.

Please say a prayer for the Richardsons right now. Say a prayer for your children is too short to not coat them in prayer.....

Friday, February 12, 2010


if you read my blog, please post a comment....i have been missing having people comment about my blog....

Waking up to Winter

Yesterday, we had this all cleared off, and this is what we woke up to. I think today we are going to attempt to build a fort.....

Pretty amazing, isn't it? This is more snow than we saw in Michigan at Christmas.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Snow Fun

Here are some pics of us enjoying the snow this afternoon, they shouldn't need any explanation.

We had should be gone by the weekend, we have no school tomorrow, so maybe we will get out in it again!!!

Winter Wonderland

So, this morning we woke up to a winter wonderland. I debated about getting the kids up early and letting them go play, but once they were up, there wasn't really any stopping them. The snow is a wet snow, so it was perfect snowman making snow. The kids had fun playing outside for about an hour before we had to rush Caleb to school. Funny, that we actually had school this morning, but they did and it has been snowing ALL day. I imagine we may have more pictures after school of the kids playing in the snow. Just wanted to tell you that the eyes of our snowman are tootsie pops, the nose a carrot, the mouth is made of raisins and the buttons are gumballs....had to be a little creative this morning. Maybe we will have more pictures to share later.....who knows.

Chloe's Cheerleading Debut

So, this is one of my more proud moments with Chloe. If you don't know my daughter, you need to know that she is extremely shy and really doesn't like to be the center of attention. She prefers being somewhere that she is very much in control of who and what she does and talks to. So, being the nurturing mother that I am, I signed her up for Cheerleading camp. They practiced four times and then performed at a basketball game. Going into it, I really thought that she was going to freeze and not do ANY of the game. She loved practice and really got into it when she was at home practicing. So, on the day of her game (we had been talking it up all week long), she did great. Now what they do is announce each girl's name and the girls run out to the center of the basketball court BY THEMSELVES WITH EVERYONE CHEERING AND LOOKING AT THEM. Loud music, smoke, strobe lights, tunnel...I was sure I was going to be running out there with her. She proved me wrong when they announced her name, she walked out to her coach and didn't look back. Here she is with her coach and waiting as the basketball players ran between the two rows of cheerleaders.
Here she is cheering for the basketball games going on in front of her AND behind her. I was so proud of her. I took over 200 pictures in less than 15 minutes.....Enjoy the show....
My beautiful girl might just end up being a cheerleader after all...check out that form!!!

Josh's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Josh's birthday on Friday night. We went to Sicily's for some yummy Italian food. The kids had pizza and the rest of us either had tortellini alla pana (sure I spelled that wrong) or lasagna. Here are the 3 Lunn boys....aren't they handsome?
Caleb and Victoria had a great time (I know, Caleb doesn't look too happy, but he was and had a good time) playing together during dinner, notice Mario and Luigi also joined us.
Grandma had fun with Keira, and Keira looks pretty happy too, doesn't she?
Here is the whole crew minus Cindy who was taking the picture. I had no candles, so the banana pudding that Josh requested had no candles.
Chloe and Victoria dressed up in the princess dresses, I don't know how those little feet do so well in dress up shoes....AND they like it....
Time for presents. Josh got stuff for training for his Ironman race that he is going to be doing in November.
We had a great night as a family. We always do.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Josh

Don't laugh at the picture, but this is the most recent pic I have of Josh and I (that I could find anyway). Today is Josh's birthday and I had to send props out to him. He has been the best husband in the world. I can't imagine my life without him. He is so caring and loving to me (even when I don't deserve it). We have grown so much as individuals and as a couple in the past 9 years it is amazing to me. God has gradually worked His way into every area of our life and we are so happy together. So, in lieu of his birthday, I will share 10 things I love about my husband:
1. He loves me for who I am (that isn't always easy I am sure)
2. He loves the Lord with all his heart.
3. He is a great helper around the house, relieving me of stress and helping out.
4. He shares a lot of the same interests as I do, we generally always have something to talk about (and not always the kids)
5. My love for him grows each moment I see him spending time with the kids, he is really great with them.
6. He does the dishes almost every night.
7. He is my best friend, I get excited for him to come home so I can share with him what happened that day.
8. He gets me (and he still keeps me around....)
9. He is very practical and thorough (drives me nuts, but he balances me out so well)
10. He is so laid back and flexible (which is another great balance to the planner that I am)
Thank you Josh for being the most amazing husband EVER!!!

6 things I love about Caleb

Every year, on my kids' birthday, I make a list of things I love about here goes....
6 things I love about Caleb:
1. His sweet smile
2. How hard he has been working at school to read better and memorize scripture (for church).
3. How he still wants to play and hang out with me.
4. His creative imagination. He can play for hours in some distant Mario land...
5. His artistic ability. He can draw a mean Mario and Sonic
6. His tender heart. He loves to please others and tries really hard to do so.
What a blessing my son has been to me. I never imagined in a million years that I would be the lucky mom of such a great kid. I love you Caleb!

Caleb's 6th birthday party

Caleb's party was on Saturday. We started off making pirate shrinky dinks. Remember those? The kids thought they were really cool.
Then we tried to play twister, but that held their attention for about as long as it took me to take this picture. It was either because they didn't like it, or Josh and Jeremy couldn't keep their attention long enough, I will let you decide what the REAL reason was for the game flopping.....
So, we moved on to the pinata. Josh took the kids out there and I was doing something in the house, so I didn't get many pictures of the kids hitting the pinata, but this was the hit that opened it up....
Grabbing their candy....there was plenty to go around.
Once they all had the candy picked up, our special guest arrived. Caleb was so excited, his face lit up when he saw Spidey arrive. The kids quickly figured out that it wasn't the "REAL" spiderman, but it was cool to have him show up. Thanks Jeremy...
Here is the group of kids from the party....
Cake time!!!

Present time....

This is Camden...
Cousin Victoria
and last but certainly not least, Grandma
Caleb had a blast at his party and is so thankful for all the presents and cards he received in the mail. He is super excited about eating the cookies that Aunt Rochel sent....(we got them today).