Friday, April 16, 2010

Keira's Birthday

Well, I can't believe that my baby is 2!! She has brought so much love, joy, and laughter to our house. She is probably the easiest of the three - maybe because she was just born that way, or maybe because she loves her life - either way we are all lucky to have her in our family. Don't get me wrong underneath her sweet sweet smile is a huge piece of her mommy and when that comes out, not so sweet:) However, if there are any of you who are considering a third child, do it, you won't regret it. Once she started walking, my life got a whole lot easier.....the first year was hard, but oh so worth it.
On her birthday we went to the grass maze (as you know, one of our favorite places), had a picnic and let the girls play. After the grass maze, we went to ToysRus and let Keira pick out her birthday present (from Grandma Lunn - she was with us) are some pics from the grass maze....
Getting loves from her sister
The shirt rings true, she is a sweetie pie
Peek a boo!!!
Poor thing was cursed with my fine hair and it is very hard to keep it from going all over the place...cute picture though.
That evening, the family came over for hot dogs and mac and cheese (Keira's favorite). We ate and played outside.

Cupcake time....
too windy to light the candle
but we pretended to blow it out anyway.
Eating as Chloe would say, "like a pig" - this made me laugh
Apparently didn't like the pig comment
accompanied by siblings and cousins...what more could a girl ask for?

and of course, you can't forget the gifts....this one was pretty cute, she loved it (and had played with it earlier at ToysRus).
Two things I love about my sweetie pie:
1. She LOVES to cuddle early in the morning before anything, she comes and cuddles with me on the couch.
2. She is so determined to do things BY HERSELF - doesn't want any help. That determination will take her far in life.

Make a wish....

My kids are obsessed with blowing these darn flowers/weeds and making wishes, so I thought I would take some pictures and I think they turned out SUPER cute.

Love this one!

Neighborhood Egg hunt

We had a neighborhood egg hunt/progressive dinner with our neighbors. We started with appetizers and craft at Michael and Teresa's house.
Dinner at Barry and Anisha's house....

Egg hunt and dessert at our house....

Didn't get pictures of Madeline and Kendall....we did have a great time though.


Easter Sunday was a great day. We went to church and then to Grandpa and Grandma's house for lunch and yet another egg hunt.....


The cousins love each other.

look what we got in our backyard....

One night we were casually eating our dinner outside on our beautiful patio set and we noticed a little bird on our fence hopping with a mouth full of small branches and she hopped right into the Daddy bear (we have 3 bushes in the backyard that we planted at the same time, and weirdly enough one grew giant, another smaller, and a really small one hence the Daddy, Mama, and baby bear names) bush in our backyard, right next to the a few days later, I wanted to see the progress on the nest and this is what I found...
Daddy bear bush where the nest resides
Here are the eggs....we have left the nest alone since I found the eggs, I am scared to check in case mama bird doesn't want to be with them after we watch them.

Coloring Eggs and Decorating Cookies

So Easter weekend was here and I hadn't done our traditional coloring of Eggs. So, I got Keira down for her nap (didn't want to have her spill all the coloring on herself like her big sister), and the kids, Grandma, and I colored eggs. Not nearly as exciting as it usually is, I kindof felt rushed....anyway, doesn't matter anyway as the kids had fun and that is what matters to me.
Chloe really loved doing this.

When Keira woke up, we decided to decorate cookies. I wanted to send some with Caleb to school (they had school on Good Friday and were having a picnic). Here are the cookies that each kid got to decorate.....


Caleb's finished product...
Chloe's finished product.....
Ummmm.....Keira's finished product - she started out with 3 and ended up with this....
Again, we had fun and that is what matters.