Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of School

Caleb started 1st grade today. As you can see he isn't too sure of his new teacher, but I am sure by the end of the year, he will be giving her hugs. He had a good day, he said he was a bit nervous on the way to school, but he was fine. He now has a locker and I think he thinks that is pretty cool. I am sure once the newness wears off, it will be a different story. He also is old enough to walk home by himself...that is a little nerve wracking, I am planning on being at the school to where he walks to me and I will gradually get farther away so he can do it on his own by the end of the year. So much independence.....we will see how long it takes me to let go of that boy....probably way longer than he wants it to take :) I am just glad he still lets me take pictures of him...

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Another two people I share my birthday week with are my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We celebrated by going to Olive Garden (this is a yearly tradition) and then went back to Grandma's house for cake and presents. It is fun to celebrate with my favorite people!!

Birthday with Grandpa

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always thought it was so cool that my Grandpa and I had birthdays within the same week. We often celebrated it together and this year, I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate with him again. A simple lunch and ice cream cake was all we needed. Love you Grandpa!


So, the girls had a sleepover one night and we did crazy hair......well, 75 ponytail holders and sore hands later, they thought their hair was pretty crazy.
Grandma painted finger nails and toe nails
I was the lucky one to fix the hair...
They played with pearler beads too.
The next morning, we went to pick blueberries.
crazy hair and all...

Deckerville Parade

What is a parade without the General Lee?
Before the parade, we went to the craft store and decorated bags to put our candy in...okay, the kids decorated bags to put their candy in.....hopefully they will share....

The kids wanted to participate in the pet parade, so Josh walked with the kids and Couper, Adriana walked with her rabbit, and Carly walked with the new puppy shadow....
Not sure who Ben and Isaiah were walking, but they thought they were pretty cool.

waiting for the parade to start and get candy!!!
Okay, so this was one of the reasons I wanted to come to Deckerville this summer....last year, we went to the parade in McKinney, and were highly disappointed at the amount of candy we got....good thing my kids didn't know any different, however, they do now....By the way, they each got one sucker at the McKinney parade and at this one they each had at least a half a bag of candy....

Lots of tractors and 4 wheelers, almost every business had a float in the parade and most threw out candy.
The kids loved it and will be thrilled if we ever get back for another parade in Deckerville.

5K in Deckerville

Josh, Ryan and Rick ran in the Deckerville 5K on Saturday before the parade. There were just over 100 people to impressive number for Deckerville.

Rick finished first, then Josh, then Ryan....

Deckerville Park

So, we went to the park...the kids had fun, and I got some cute shots of all of them...
The tire swing was a big hit, although Caleb was sick to his stomach for about 30 minutes after leaving the park.
Adriana the climber

I was lucky to get a shot of Isaiah as he hates to have his picture taken

Fun times at the park

Concert in the Park

Well, this one is for my mother-in-law.....hopefully, I am always good to her.....
Uncle Johnny is in a band and he had a concert, so we went to see him perform. It was at the swinging bridge park and they had cotton candy and snowcones for the kids. Here are some cute pics....

the swinging bridge
Doesn't Randee look great only about 2 weeks after having a baby???

Swinging at the swinging bridge park....

Johnny and his band were awesome
The girls started dancing and I am not sure who was more entertaining, the girls or Johnny..,.

Very fun time....