Sunday, September 14, 2008

Caleb does the monkey bars

Caleb did the monkey bars all by himself exciting. I bribed him with an idog that looks like spiderman.....I originally told him he could have it when he learned how to ride his bike (with training wheels of course), so when I told him that he could have it tonight, I really didn't think he would want to do the monkey bars - he has kindof been afraid of them - and he did it without any problems, so that is what I get for not thinking my son can do something with a little motivation. I am excited that he can do it and hope that he continues to want to do it. Sorry the video is a little dark, I hope you can see it. I may have to take another one during the day....Enjoy!

Caleb's first day of school

Caleb started school last week and loves it. He was excited to go and really didn't mind that I wasn't staying. He said goodbye and went on his way. Chloe had to be a part of the action, so I took her picture also. He is really starting to grow up and be more independant....not by his own will, but we have started making him do stuff for himself. He now can buckle his seat belt, which I think he could always have done, but I always did it. I told him if he did it all by himself we could get lunch at McDonalds....that was all it took. He also has been getting on the computer and has learned how to use the mouse quite well....time to beef up the security on the computer. He is wiping his own bottom now which is HUGE for me :). There are just so many things he can do now that I always had to do for him. It is really nice that he can do all those things, but also sad because I know that he doesn't need me as much as he used to.
Keira tried rice cereal this week and seemed to know what she was doing. She liked it pretty good. I am not sure we will keep giving it to her as she seems to prefer milk instead, so I may take a break and add another feeding, that seems to be working better. I thought we were down to 4 meals a day, but she is sleeping better with 5, so I am going to stay with that. Anyway, thought you would like to see her trying....