Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Day

We went to Port Huron today as a family to run some errands. We ran our errands, then went to Tim Horton's for lunch and a donut....(very yummy). Then we took the kids down to the park by the bridge. That is, the bridge to Canada....they weren't as excited as we were, but it was pretty nonetheless.
Caleb, Josh, and Chloe hold the rock up...
There was a boat that I thought we could go in, but it ended up you had to pay a steep price to get in the small boat, not worth it, so we just took a picture.
Me and my kids.....nice view eh???

We got to see a really long boat (Caleb said -there were two boats in one)
Dad and his kids
Swinging at the park
Love these guys!!!!
Proof they had fun!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Out of the mouth of a lion....

This drinking fountain has been around since I was a little girl and I always (as a little girl) was a little hesitant to drink out of it, but my kids had no fear......not sure how clean the water was, but I had to let them take a drink anyway.....
All of the equipment here is way old fashioned, but they loved it and didn't think any different.

Memories.....ahhh so sweet.

Sunday in Michigan

My Grandpa celebrated his 89th birthday this week. We celebrated with him on Sunday. We would have celebrated on his actual birthday, but Parker was trying to make his appearance into the world, so we waited. Parker and Grandpa have the same birthdays. Grandpa said he was 101, and he was in very good spirits for his party.
The kids all helped him blow out his candles...
But he did get in on the action....
Later that day, we had a campfire. I am sure that we will have many of these while we are here, so get used to seeing these kind of pictures :)

Chloe and Aunt Kristi had straight hair ...the two red headed girls in the family....
Matthias trying to get a ride from Couper
Grandma and Keira

Friday, July 23, 2010

Meeting Parker

After a long waiting period, we finally met Parker tonight...isn't he precious? The hospital had a strict rule that you could only have 5 people on a list who could visit you the entire time you were needless to say, we didn't make the cut....I know, come on why do your husband and parents need to see the baby first, ya know? Well, we waited patiently and finally got to meet him.

The girls were THRILLED to hold their new cousin. Chloe was a natural and Keira needed a little help. They didn't want to leave...

I had to beg Caleb to get in the picture with us, he isn't as excited as we are to have another member of the family....oh well....I am sure we will have many more pictures to share of Parker....enjoy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lexington Beach

We went to Lexington beach yesterday and enjoyed the cold water....when the sun was out it was bearable, but it felt pretty chilly to me :) Caleb and Isaiah had fun playing on the was a little nerve wracking, but no one got hurt and they all had fun.
too cold for Caleb....

We had a great time and the weather was beautiful...on to a new adventure.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Picking Berries

OH MY WORD!!!! Talk about fun. We went to a blueberry farm today to pick blueberries and we had so much fun. Grandma and Grandpa Lunn - you are lucky I HATE Michigan winters because the summer here is absolutely fabulous. Maybe next time you can come with us :) The weather has been oh low 80's - Jealous? yeah, I know amazing. Anyway, we took the kids to the berry farm and they had so much fun picking berries (and eating them along the way too). Here they are getting ready to head out.
The boys....
Kristi and Adriana
The other boys...we took a tractor ride out to the better berries....the kids liked the ride, I think Austin liked it the best.
Keira wasn't too sure of the loud tractor at first, but she was fine once we started going.
The girls.
Here is possibly the cutest picture. Keira and Austin didn't do much picking....but they sure did their share of eating....Keira had a bucket and occasionally we would throw some berries in and she would gobble them up. She shared with Austin too. Sarah finally had to take them to the tractor ride to wait for us to finish.

here are some random picking berry shots

Not sure who had more fun, these guys or the little ones.
All in all, it was great fun and I anticipate another trip there before we leave. We will bring some home with us so you Texans can experience the delicious blueberries from Michigan!
Probably the best part of this particular day was that my little sister, Randee and her husband Johnny brought little Parker into the world last night at 11:33 pm. The special part of this is that he was born on our Grandpa Tuinstra's (his Great Grandpa) birthday. Hence his middle name Erwin...Welcome to the world Parker Erwin to come shortly.