Monday, February 13, 2012

Caleb's 8th birthday

My boy is 8!!! Can't believe how quickly time has flown. We woke up this morning and Caleb was dying to open his present from his Grandparents, so we got on skype and had him open his present from them. He was very excited to get the Mario Kart Knex...pretty amazing little race track.
We had his party later that afternoon. He wanted an angry birds party, so I decided we would make all the games and try to make it a little more financially easy on the wallett....It really didn't cost me much at all to do all the stuff I did. We started off by making sling shots - to shoot at the pigs.
After the sling shots were made, we lined up to take our shots...
we are clearly not expert sling shot makers, but we improvised when the sling shots didn't work and the kids had fun throwing the angry birds at the pigs.

As much as I love to plan parties, I inevitably think things will take longer than they do. So, I am almost always left with time that I don't know what to do with. Thankfully, the weather was great, so the kids played on the trampoline and played tag for about 20 minutes....

Pinata time!!! I made the pinata and am quite proud of how it turned out.

The bags for the loot were also made by me....I thought they were pretty cute.
Time for cake. I made the cake somewhat interactive, so Caleb was able to shoot his angry birds at the cake to try and knock down the structure on the top of the cake. It was quite entertaining...
Knocked down
singing to my boy....
eating the cake
Opening presents....

Drew and Noah
Halie and Austin
Present from Grandpa and Grandma McGregor
Awesome hats from Grandma McGregor to share with his friends.

Caleb had an amazing party and was thrilled with everything. As I traditionally do, I will tell you 8 things I LOVE about Caleb:

1. His imagination - the stories he tells get more amazing each time
2. His memory - he remembers verses and many other things that I don't.
3. His loving heart - we certainly have our moments, but he loves people and his heart is learning to be a servant.
4. His passion - mario, sonic, and pac man are the current passions and he knows a lot about each of them.
5. He is getting more mature and so easy to talk to and he understands more things....he is fun to hang with.
6. He is 8 and still wants to hang out with his mom (although kissing in public is a no no)
7. The moments first thing in the morning when I wake him up, he scoots over in bed and I get to cuddle with him.
8. He is getting more independent each day, yet still wants his mom...not sure I am ready for him to not want or need me...

He is an amazing son and I am so blessed that he is mine. I love him so much and can't wait to see what this new year brings.

Caleb's science experiment

Every Friday in 2nd grade, one student is selected to perform a science experiment for the entire 2nd grade. And the 27th of January was Caleb's date. He and his dad worked on the experiment all week. He did an experiment with water pressure in a bottle. When you poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle (needed help with it -that is his teacher, Miss Beltz) and leave the top on, the water will not come out of the hole once the water/air pressure stabilizes...
the kids all laughed when the water came out when he took the lid off...some kid said it looks like it is peeing....and of course the rest of the group started laughing.
questions from the group...they get to ask 3 questions.
He did an amazing job and we were so proud of him. He spoke loudly and knew exactly what he was talking about.
He's growing up!

Random Fun in Michigan

I found these tonight as I was uploading pictures from my camera....yes it has been that long....thought I would share them with you....some adorable pictures of cousins hanging out together, I hope this always is fun for them...

This one is for you, Jennifer :)

They are going to hate this someday...
anyway, the kids are always so cute....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Xbox entertainment

The kids - both adult and young - had a blast playing the xbox Eli in the back of this picture....
The McGregor 4 (sorry, Ryan) had lots of fun!

Pool time in Michigan

Pool Fun!!!