Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of School

Here is my boy at 1 1/2 years doesn't seem that long ago that we were in Atlanta visiting Josh ...but it was 4 years ago. You can certainly tell it is Caleb, he hasn't changed much except gotten a lot bigger and a few more freckles.
Here he is - 4 years later on his first day of Kindergarten....he is standing outside of his classroom getting ready to go in....
Here is his teacher, Mrs. Tillett (I know she looks really young, but that just means I am getting older....I like to think I looked that young when I first started teaching too), she is very sweet and I know Caleb is going to have a lot of fun with her.
Here is Caleb's cubby that he will keep his backpack and lunch box in. He is number 15 (I assume she went alphabetically) - I was hoping for #1, but not everyone thinks he is as awesome as I do...wait till the end of the year, I am sure she will agree with me then :)
Here is Caleb and CJ, both very excited to be starting school in the same classroom with their best friend. I am thrilled that they get to have this experience together. At first I was a little nervous, but I am sure they will do great.
Here he is at his desk. You can see the little cup with crayons and a pencil that each student has with their name and number on the outside. Caleb sat down and started decorating his name plate....with none other than Mario. He loves to draw Mario and he is pretty good at it.
And that is baby has started Kindergarten. Not one tear was shed on either side, that either means I am not very emotional (not true) or we were both ready to get started with school....I am going with the second one.
It has been a quite day so far and I am sure after the first week, I might really miss Caleb not being here, but for now, I am enjoying my girls and excited that Caleb is happy to be at school. Have a great day!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

So, tonight we celebrated the LUNN LADIES birthday. Mine on the 10th, Carol's the 13th, and Cindy's on the 20th....won't metion how old we are :) We went to Olive Garden - for the third year in a row, very yummy. After eating (forgot to take my camera in), we went to the grass maze, Victoria and Isabella had never been, so we went there, and the kids had a blast.
Here is Bella running through the maze
Can't resist taking pictures of Keira and her beautiful blue eyes.
Caught Chloe in the maze for a quick picture.
Victoria and Caleb were hard to catch a good picture of, they were moving quite fast.
Grandma and Keira share a moment - it really looked like Keira was talking to Grandma....very cute
The Birthday Girls
Dad and Keira
Here is our attempt to take a picture of ALL 5 kids, but as you can see, getting them to all look at the camera is not very actually looks like they are getting ready to plan something

Here we are again.....back at Carol's house for cake and presents
Cindy opening her presents
Grandma getting the story behind the drawing on the present from Victoria and Bella
Oops forgot to mention, I had a great time, I got some new rugs for my family room and a new camera bag (didn't have one and desperately needed one). The bag looks like a bowling ball bag and it is super cute. I really needed new rugs, so I am so glad to have those. It was a great party and I loved spending time with my family.

Last Friday

Well, there are no pictures for today...we stayed home all day until Josh got home from work. We loaded the kids up and went to the natatorium (hence the no pictures - too humid in the indoor water park). We had a blast as a family, Josh and I took turns with the kids while the other went and swam laps, I can totally see us in the near future getting a family membership there as the kids get older and better swimmers. Caleb stayed in the lazy river most of the time being anything but lazy. He did take a break and practiced swimming which he did swim almost the entire length of the 25 meter pool - he started about 5 feet in - so we might be closer to the swim team than I thought we were.

After swimming, we came home, made pizza, and watched movies (sadly, the kids wanted different movies, so we were all watching a different movie - not great family time). Caleb had a blast and so did the girls. Caleb drank too much water and had a tummy ache, but after eating some food - he is getting hungrier the older he gets - he felt much better.

So, sorry that there are no pictures, but we did have fun and I promise there will be pictures tomorrow...we are going out to eat with the family to celebrate Carol, Cindy and my birthdays...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Thursday

So today, Caleb's Grandma took his sisters so that he and I could have a day of fun, and boy did we have fun. We started off at Chuck-E-Cheese where we played games, ate pizza, and did the hokey pokey with Chuck E (as Caleb would call him). Here he is eating pizza.....Playing games.....
This was more of a ride than a game (no tickets given out), he went on this ride several times.

This was his favorite...he loved it (more a ride again)
Here he is doing the hokey pokey and turnin himself around. After the song, they threw out a bunch of tickets for free. Last year, he never would have done that because he didn't like the REALLY BIG MOUSE. However, this year he knows his name, so he isn't scared of him....funny how that works, he isn't afraid of Ronald McDonald either anymore....go figure
After Chuck E Cheese, we went to Toys R Us and checked out the newest toys (got a few Christmas ideas as well), then we went to Target and looked around there. One of Caleb's favorite things to do is go look at the toys, unfortunately, he ALWAYS wants one and doesn't always get one. We did pick up a few things for his lunch box (all spiderman of course, to match his spiderman lunch box and backpack).
After Toys R Us, he wanted to go to the grass maze at 2:00 in the afternoon - no breeze - very hot. So, we went and chased each other around the maze and had quite a bit of fun considering how hot it was.
I took a couple of cute pictures of my big boy....

Isn't he a handsome guy???
Once we got home, we laid on the couch and played on the computer. We went to get sisters around 4 and then came home to go to meet the teacher...I am so excited for Caleb. He knows 3 other kids in his class. CJ (best friend - might be a problem), Savannah (next door neighbor), and Alex (a boy that we met and he came to the kinder playgroup we had a couple weeks ago, they get along great!) I was actually quite surprised to see that there were that many kids he knew especially since I think there are 6 kinder classes, what are the chances of that happening? Well, I think the teacher is going to have her work cut out for her...
We rushed home, made a scrumptious dinner (tuna casserole and green beans with a side of bread - plain, no butter, nothing), then headed off to t-ball practice where they are right now.
It has been a busy day, but boy has it been fun. I am sure I will miss these days once school starts. Hope you enjoyed my blog as much as I enjoyed my son today!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last Wednesday

Today we went to Jack Carter Pool in Plano - it is quickly becoming one of my favorite pools (the kids' too). Keira had a great time this time, she became more adventurous and decided she was going to go down the slide - it is a small slide with water shooting down it and a puddle at the end. Needless to say, she LOVED it. I would have taken her picture, but I really needed to be at the bottom to catch her. Caleb has lots of fun here, but he gets bored quickly and decides he wants to go to the BIG pool. which I constantly have to remind him that it doesn't open until 12 noon....
Chloe is not the most adventurous, she tends to stay off the slides and plays with the pool toys that we bring. She has fun though and that is all that matters. Caleb and his two best friends CJ and Lane. They had so much fun together. We ate lunch before heading over to the big pool.
Thank goodness for Grandma - taking three kids to the pool is never easy, so Grandma being there was SOOOOO nice. She held Keira and let me get in the pool with Caleb and Chloe. THANK YOU!!!
I made Caleb practice swimming before I would let him jump off the diving board. He did great, I think if I keep working with him, he will be able to be on the swim team by the time he is 6.
After quite a bit of practice, we headed over to the diving board....12 ft. deep, no life jacket, no goggles, and no one there to catch was a little nervous (actually this was the second time we had been there, so he had done it before).
Here he goes....this was one of many jumps....he loved it and by the end, he was going off the end of the diving board instead of the side like he is here.

Swimming to the ladder, slowly but surely. He actually is a lot better than he was the last time he did this. Coming up for air.
Okay, so I really took a ton of pictures and could show you a lot of pictures, but I tried to show you one specific "dive". I deleted one of the pictures and am really annoyed because for some reason I can't figure out how to move pictures down the blog only up (new laptop maybe???), so if I were to add the picture back in it would be at the top...arrggghhhhh....if you have any suggestions, please let me know. I did the whole click and drag, but that is the only way I know how to move them down in the blog....
Caleb is so ready to go to Kindergarten, but I am trying to live it up these last few days. He is starting t-ball tomorrow night. I signed him up late and they already have had one practice, so we have to get going on that. He is excited to try that, we will see....sorry Ryan, but baseball is pretty boring to me, hopefully if my Caleb is playing I will get more into's hoping....
Tomorrow I get to spend the afternoon with Caleb, not sure what the plan is, but I am looking forward to spending some one on one time with him. Will post more pictures then!

Last Tuesday

So our trip to Boomerangs didn't happen. My mother in law came to watch the kids while I went to the gym (thanks Mom!!). When I got back from the gym, it was almost too late to head out and get good play time in before Keira's nap, so the kids were fine just staying home and playing. Caleb was happy to keep playing the computer (his favorite thing right now). So, in honor of his last Tuesday, I had to take some random pictures of what we did, or didn't do for that matter.
The kids love snack time and this is where I have to sneak some protein in for Keira especially (she is not a big meat eater unless she can eat it with a fork).
Caleb enjoying some yogurt....still in will notice this in all the pictures.
Chloe trying to be silly, amazingly enough she didn't spill that particular spoonful.
After putting Keira down for a nap, Chloe and I put makeup on and some star stickers (that is what is on her cheek). She then played with her Disney dolls that you can dress. Very small pieces so she is only allowed to play with them on the big table.
Caleb's favorite game right now is Super Mario Galaxy (compliments of Uncle Jeremy - thanks!). Amazingly enough, I got him to look away from the game to take this very cute picture.
Since we are repainting the office (which has taken almost 5 days now as we only get a few hours here and there to work on it), the kids have no where to play during quiet time, so I let Caleb play in our room. His favorite toy/s right now are Mario and Sonic.

So that was Tuesday.....tomorrow, we are going to go to Jack Carter Pool and hopefully I will get some great pictures to share with you....

The week is going by too fast!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Monday

To commemorate Caleb's last Monday before becoming a Kindergartner, we went to the zoo. If you remember, last trip to the zoo wasn't so much fun ($1 day, very hot, grumpy kids, too crowded). This time however, we got one of the front parking spots and it wasn't too hot. We got there pretty soon after the zoo opened and the animals were still out and about before it got too hot. The kids were excited and so our day began!

First stop - the Tortise. They were HUGE and the kids thought it would be cool to have their pictures taken

Watching the elephants and giraffes....I chose to put pictures of my kids instead of the animals, we all know what an elephant and giraffe look like, and my kids seem to grow and change by the sorry there aren't too many pics of animals.

Caleb kept asking when we could go see the monkeys, but he did enjoy the bigger animals.

Once we finally got to the monkeys, my monkeys needed a snack, so we sat on a bench across from the monkeys, enjoyed a snack, and watched the monkeys who were quite active this morning.

The monkeys were Caleb's favorite.

One of the reasons we purchased a season pass to the zoo was for the children's area.....there is a stream that the kids can play in and cool off, a playground, petting zoo, pony rides, fish, birds to feed, picnic area, and bathrooms....we have to go see the big animals before coming here otherwise, we would never go anywhere else in the zoo.

After the zoo, we went to Josh's office to have lunch with him. The kids were so excited to see where dad works. I am always telling them that he is at work, but they hadn't ever been there, so we went today and now they can picture him at work instead of wondering what that meant.

We are going to try and go to boomerang's tomorrow (a jump house that Caleb has been begging to go to all summer)...stay tuned