Monday, January 31, 2011

Caleb's 7th Birthday

My boy is 7....this year instead of a Mario or Sonic or Spiderman party, we decided on a Lego party....I thought the cake turned out okay....had I had more time, I would have done a better frosting job, but Caleb LOVED it and that is all that matters. Grandma McGregor sent a big lego set for Caleb, so we made most of it and used it as decoration....
We had AMAZING weather for the party - I think it was at least I sent the kids outside when they first arrived. I gave each kid a bag of lego candy to build with or eat...yes, you can build with it, and no it doesn't taste good to anyone but kids.... This is one of Caleb's good friends Daniel.
After everyone arrived, we went inside for the games. For the first game, I had put together what I thought were simple lego designs, but quickly found out that either the kids had a bad memory, or they were too hard. What they were supposed to do was to study the design, take it all apart, and then see who could put it back together the quickest...most of the adults had to get involved, but they all seemed to like it. This was also their party favor (do you know how expensive legos are????crazy). Jacob was the winner of this game.
for the second game, I took the mega blocks that we had stored in the attic and put the kids into three teams and had a race to see who could build the tallest tower without the tower falling was quite funny to watch, but they did great, and by the time the time was up, all three fell to the ground, so I couldn't declare a winner....

Here is the group of kids....probably should have closed my curtains, ya think???
Keira, Bella, Savannah, Chloe, Victoria, CJ, Camden, Naomi, Daniel, Caleb, Jacob, Daniel, Ethan, and Aaron...
Next was the pinata of whic we could do in our front yard in our tree that we planted when Caleb was born....I didn't get a picture of Caleb hitting the pinata, so I am using the one of Chloe hitting it. Josh and his brother took charge and I wasn't ready, so I didn't get the picture...oh well!!!
Time for cake!
Again, I sent the kids outside to eat...thank you LORD for such an amazing day - cleanup was a sinch!
As the kids left, Caleb opened the present from each kid as they left. He was very thankful. He got a lot of cool stuff, mostly legos and some Mario stuff too.
His sisters gave him an m&m night light and a red plush m&m.
Victoria and Bella gave him a lego set
and Grandpa and Grandma gave him the game Creationary and a Mario stylus for his DS.
And now, the seven things I love about Caleb:
1. He still loves to cuddle with me and even will give me a kiss in front of his friends...
2. He loves to read chapter books with me
3. He has an amazing imagination and comes up with the craziest and most exciting stories
4. He knows that he is going to Heaven when he dies and he is very aware of God's love for him
5. He has an amazing ability to focus on something that he loves
6. He is very well behaved and I rarely have problems with him
7. He is an awesome big brother to his sisters, almost every night they play together and enjoy each other.

I am truly blessed to have such an amazing son!!!

We are still here....

After Christmas, I go through camera detox...maybe that isn't what it is called, but I am pretty sick of taking pictures, so I tend to stop...and then when I try to find pictures of January, I am always disappointed that I didn't take any pictures....well, again this year, I didn't take many...just of our snow (that stuck around for almost a full week!) and of Caleb's birthday...we have been very busy getting our house ready to put on the market...which will probably be this week.....Chloe doing gymnastics and cheerleading, and just your run of the mill stuff that distracts you enough to feel like you have no free time...

We had a full day of snow and then the weather stayed below freezing for several days (99 hours below freezing according to the weather man) so we enjoyed the snow for a few days...Like I said I didn't take many pictures, but at night when the girls wanted to go outside, I decided to take a few pictures....

It certainly is nice that we are getting more equipped with snow gear....going to have to since Colorado is sure to have more snow than Texas....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family Pictures

Here are some pictures my sister took of our family...again...too good not to share, she has real talent!!!

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures that are just too cute not to share

At Dairy Queen...
To say Keira is obsessed with lip gloss is to put it lightly....she puts it on all day long...and loves to put it on other people. Thanks Grandma for being a willing participant.

Chloe loved holding the babies....

When the boys weren't swimming or playing in the snow, they could generally be found here, playing the wii....

Grandpa gets in on the lego action
story time with aunt Rochel

we all love uncle Ryan
Grandpa earning points with Keira...playing Strawberry Shrotcake with sweet
we took up the entire west side of Dairy Queen...

Love family time!!!

Pool Fun

The pool room was well used this is the only room in the house that could hold everyone at one time for meals. So, every night we ate in the pool room, generally followed by some swimming. Here the boys are waiting for dinner to be served.
Mom serving up her meal....
here is a rough picture of what the room looked like when everyone was eating.
Great Grandma gets a little lovin from Leah
Girls waiting for dinner...
Happy Birthday Girls
Time to swim...
Not sure why the next two pictures are vertical....they were horizontal when I put them in, don't hurt your neck looking at them.

Keira LOVED the water....she was fearless and only jumped in once without her floaties on....yes, Josh was fully clothed and went in after her....immediately...she was fine, just a little scared, but quickly put her floaties on and jumped back in...nothing will stop her...

LOVE the POOL!!!