Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 28th, 2009

My boy is 5 today!!! He woke up and I swear he looks older....he wanted pancakes and eggs for breakfast. He was supposed to go to school and wear his pj's, but school was cancelled due to the, he wore his pj's all morning at home.
Since the weather was crappy, we stayed inside all day (except for our trip to ToysRus) so I got the tent and tunnel out and the kids played in that all morning. Can you say "static"? it was funny cuz when she would get out, her hair stuck to her face....
For dinner, Caleb asked for pizza, so that was an easy fix. Grandpa and Grandma Lunn came over for pizza. Grandma Lunn actually went with us to ToysRus. We went there once the ice melted on the roads. Caleb had a bunch of money to spend from his birthday. He got a Marvel Super Hero Squad puzzle, a "Don't Wake Hulk" game, and the Operation game featuring Hulk. We have already put the puzzle together a couple times, and played the games several times as well. All in all, he had a great day. Every year, I make a list of the things I love about my kids. so, since Caleb is 5, these are the 5 things I love about him:
1. He still loves to cuddle with me.
2. His amazing imagination
3. His sweet sweet spirit towards his sister - they play together so well.
4. His sensitive heart
5. His willingness to help with almost any task.
I love you Caleb, you truly are the best son a mom could ask for!

Caleb's Birthday Party

We celebrated Caleb's birthday on the 24th.
Chloe got Caleb the Mario that he is holding, he was pretty excited about that. We decorated for the Mario party all morning, and Caleb insisted that he would not get cold in the 40 degree weather, so I let him wear shorts.....
Here is the crew that showed up for the party - from the top - Aaron, Jackson, Finley, Lane, Caleb, Tanner, Cason, Daniel, Savannah, Kendall, Will, Adeline, Chloe, Victoria, Isabella, CJ, Will, Ezra, Halie, Reece, and Tessa.....
We played Mario bingo first (which I also made) and the kids enjoyed that. It was nice because most kids regardless of age, knew how to play bingo.
Then it was pinata time. Last year we got a pinata that was nearly indestructable. Needless to say, we did it again. It was cold outside, but the kids stayed until Mario opened up and the candy poured out. Thankfully, we had some older kids who could really knock the pinata hard.
And finally, the cake (well, gifts after that). The party was loads of fun and I can't believe my son is 5 years old!!!

Pictures of Keira

I just had to share some pictures of my almost 10 month old Keira. She continues to be the joy of our lives (along with the other two children, of course). She is so easy going and loves to be around people. She loves her mom and will eat almost anything. She is pulling up and getting into EVERYTHING.....Chloe loves to pick her up and get her out of the kitchen...she is actually really good at it. Just yesterday, I was in the bathroom and the girls were in the closet in Chloe's room playing. When I came out from the bathroom, Keira was in the family room with her bucket of toys tipped over so she could play. I asked Chloe how she got there (she could have crawled, but she isn't that fast), and Chloe simply said, "I carried her". Well, I am trying to stress the importance of being careful and NOT carrying her around as she could trip and fall on top of Keira, or she could drop her, but she insists "I not drop her"....we shall see....

Mavs game

Josh's brother Jeremy gave us awesome tickets for the Mavericks. Thank goodness they won the game......
We had a blast. Not the best self portrait, but oh well, as usual, my camera's battery kept dying, so I had to settle for the first one I could get.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Not for weak stomachs......

Just had to share a story with you....only my sister Rochel will completely appreciate the irony of it....last night about 2 am, I woke to Caleb hollering for me. Knowing he had to throw up or was in the process of it, I go running in there and yes, he is throwing is the ironic part.....he is on the top bunk and leaning over the bars projectile throwing up. Okay, Chloe is on the bottom bunk sleeping away (luckily, it only got on her clothes not stuck in her hair - sorry Rochel). Now to top it all off, he throws up more than I have ever seen him throw up and let me just tell you, it is all over the room. On the door to the closet, his dresser, the doll house, the little pink couch, the door to the hallway, the cubbies with their toys in it, and of course the sheets....I am not exaggerating. So, Rochel, I got what was coming to me x10. Caleb is now the winner for throwing up from the top bunk.

The sweet child laid on the family room floor eating an icy pop and as he is laying there (with a bowl), he realizes he needs to throw up again. Worried that he will spill his icy pop (also probably knowing that mom wouldn't want him to just set it down), he says, "take this please!" - he used his manners right before throwing up. I guess I should be proud that I have at least taught him to say please, right? I just had to share that story....sorry if it grossed you out :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Caleb jumping in the deep end

Part of my parent's Christmas present to the family was to put in an indoor pool. So when we went to Michigan in December, we got to swim. The kids had so much fun. We swam almost every day. Caleb is getting so much braver which is good and bad. He wanted me to take a video of him jumping in the deep end, so there it is....enjoy.

Pics of the kids

Here are some pics of the kids on Christmas day at Grandma Lunn's house. I thought they turned out pretty nice.CalebChloe
Chloe and Keira

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Lunn family Christmas

We had Christmas with Josh's family on the Saturday before Christmas. We had our traditional potatoe soup and lots of other goodies. The kids had a blast opening the outrageous amount of presents (they are all quite spoiled).Grandma and Grandpa with all their wonderful grandkids. Good lookin' group eh?
This present was a huge hit with all the kids. The turtle glowed and shown star patterns on the wall in the dark. Once Chloe opened this present she disappeared into the play room and laid on the floor and looked at the stars....
Grandma helps Keira open a present.
Caleb got some more Spiderman action figures to go with his new play set that he got from Santa.
The kids all got this brown rocking chair from Grandma and Grandpa. They love it and I am excited for them to have matches our style quite well....

Christmas in Texas

Well, here we are almost 2 weeks into the new year and I am just posting Christmas pictures. I love taking pictures, so it has taken me a while to weed through and find the best picturest to post. We celebrated our family Christmas a few days early because we were going to be in Michigan on Christmas day. Don't worry, Santa was kind enough to come early. We had a lot of fun opening presents and the kids were thrilled with their presents.First things first.......we remember the meaning of Christmas by reading the Christmas story before opening presents...the kids like this book because of the great pictures.
Keira's first Christmas was a wonderful one. Here she is opening a lamb that Chloe picked out for her....Chloe picked out a black lamb for herself....I am choosing to call it a lamb and not a black sheep as I don't want to give any ideas to anyone.....
Caleb got a spiderman playset from Santa....he was thrilled with it and all the little fun things that go along with it. The trap door bed was his favorite part.
Chloe got the SUV that goes with her doll came with car seats and a double stroller for the twins. She really liked the radio that works in the car and she liked being able to buckle everyone into their seat belts.
We had a wonderful morning opening presents and then we went out for breakfast with Grandpa and Grandma Lunn. Next blog will be the Lunn family Christmas....stay tuned....