Saturday, March 2, 2013

September 2012 - in a nutshell

I stepped up to coach the school's landsharks running club.  I had almost 80 kids and 9 amazing coaches to help me.  The kids had fun, so it was a success.
 My two runners, Halie, Graecon, Thad, and Eden.  The other three red heads in the picture are home schooled kids and are the sweetest kids ever, Caleb and Thad are the same age and get along great!

 A day off of school meant a trip to the zoo.

We had a great day and enjoyed being together.  We rode the ski lift/sky ride to see what was at the top and were pleased that it was mostly play equipment for the kids.  Not worth the extra money to me, but now we know what is up there :)

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